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Oat Bran Coconut Powder

Gluhealth: Products

Introduction to Gluhealth

A hearty meal replacement powder to fuel your day. Delicious and healthy, designed for people on the move.

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β-glucan is an essential soluble fibre that has the potential to decrease cholesterol and inflammation whilst improving blood sugar management and help in keeping you feeling full. Oats are one of the biggest sources for β-glucan, mostly located in the endosperm of the oat kernels. AGS uses ingredients which contain the endosperm of oat kernels so you can get the maximum benefit of β-glucan.

Coconut Treats

Flavoured With Real Coconuts

AGS Gluhealth is naturally flavoured with shredded coconuts and sweetened with sucralose. Coconuts contain many essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Sucralose is a low calorie sweetener that is a healthy alternative to sugar. Due to the nature of coconuts of having low carbohydrates and sucralose being a sugar substitute, AGS Gluhealth is safe for diabetics. These ingredients combined to make a great tasting product.

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AGS Gluhealth

Beta glucan has a wide variety of health benefits, from decreasing your cholesterol levels, to managing your blood sugar, and reducing inflammation to simply helping you feel full.

We combine the goodness of beta glucan with the sweet taste of coconut to create a delicious, nutritious meal supplement.

Complemented by added soy and whey protein powder, AGS Gluhealth ensures you also receive the full benefits of both a plant based and dairy based protein.

Make AGS Gluhealth part of your daily diet.

Gluhealth: Products

AGS Gluhealth

Find our products from us or our partners below.

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